How to build your business for 2022 and beyond, utilising the power of social media, gaining more client leads and sales without wasting time posting endless content that gets zero engagement 



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saturday 2nd April 2022

10:00am - 17:00pm

what is the social media and business summit?

A full day of training from the comfort of your own home, packed with content on how to start, scale and grow your business - this event is designed to help you master the 3 things EVERY business owner needs to succeed in 2022…
  • Your Mindset
Lets face it, things have been tough for business owners recently and in order to thrive in 2022 we first need to understand that success starts with us, Big Business Events Head Coach Ross Temple - one of the U.K’s leadings mindset coaches - will be taking you through a transformational process to make sure your mindset is powered up for 2022.
  • Social Media
Want more clients? A steady flow of new leads and enquires? We have you covered! The UK’s leading social media for business expert, Adam Stott, will share his unique 4-step process for turning prospects who don’t even know you into super hot enquires that want to do business with only you. This process has changed the life of thousands - for those joining us on the day, you will be next.
  • Sales
How to sell your products and services without selling, the simple process that will build your confidence, change your sales mindset and allow your business to take off like never before.

why you need to be at the social media and business summit

  • Business Is Changing!
Whilst that intimidates many, there is actually a big opportunity for businesses right now. 
Years ago, building a business, brand and reputation took years to accomplish, now, if you know how to use social media in the right way, this can be done in months - you have to embrace it.
  • Everything You Need
The Social Media and Business Summit online event includes everything you need to fully embrace social media and take advantage of all the opportunities it offers.
No matter what you have done before or however many times you have tried, this event will be the turning point for you and your business. The best bit? You can attend for free from the comfort of your own home.
  • Success
80% of success is in the showing up, and 20% is in the strategy! Everything you learn on the day will make a difference but if you don’t show up - we can't help! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

can 2022 really be your year?

The one thing I have noticed from training over 15,000 business owners is that those that are most successful have a plan A and a plan B.
Your plan A (what you are doing up until now) has got you this far, but with changes to consumer behaviour and everything that is happening in the world right now if you don’t have a good plan B - that's a big risk.

Every client of mine who has won one of our £1 Million + awards this year uses the power of social media to generate a flow of new leads and clients, I will share how they do it with you at this event.

2022 can be your year, many others have made the changes they need to succeed - now its your turn…

the formula for success in business for 2022

believe in you

Successful business starts with mindset. Whatever it is that your business does, whatever idea you are looking to grow or scale - you can only grow proportionate to the amount you believe it can.

When we start a business, the business owner is the business. People can only take so many knocks before their confidence and ability to execute is affected. Part of the training will be focused on getting you back into the success mindset - it's time to pick yourself up and make some real breakthroughs.

you need an audience

If you currently have no social media following, or it's very small, or perhaps an audience that is not generating leads then we need to make some simple changes that will be explained on the training. 

I have been growing businesses using social media since 2008, my first business had a turnover £40 million a year and every enquiry and sale came from social media. It was a trial and error journey that lasted a decade but now we have a 4-step process that can work for any business.

The first step is building an audience, I will show you how to build a following  that increases engagement, takes you from unknown to unforgettable and gives you a reason to show up every day on social media. There is really only one thing that you need to know that will make all the difference.

you need to create relationships

This is the step many people get wrong - they expect that because they have an audience, that audience is automatically going to want to buy from them - that is not the case.

Our 'Chat and Earn' formula is my simple process of building relationships online. Communication now takes place on a smart phone, laptop, or on the move, by recognising that and changing our approach we can easily and simply change our results. I will show you how to make this happen for your business on the day. 

you need to know who your perfect prospects are and focus on them

Many people are nervous about what others think and this makes them hesitant to put themselves 'out there' - this is because they don't have confidence in who their client is and what the right message for them is.
Get that right and realise you are speaking only to your dream clients and things start to change quickly. I will be sharing how to get the right clients and how to craft a message that gets their attention - fast.

you need to make offers to your clients that get them to take the first step

Finally we need a value driven offer - I like to refer to this as 'Value over Cost'. The market has changed, right now you must front-load your promotions with as much value as possible.
On the training day I will show you how to create a value first strategy that will fill your business with new prospects and generate sales.

5 reasons you need to register right now

  • All The Strategies You Need Covered In One Day
Would you swap one day of your time for the business of your dreams? If the answer to that question is yes get registered now!
  • Success Is A Strategy
If things are not working how you want them to it's not that your business won’t work it's just a lack of the right strategy.
  • This Is Not Our First Rodeo
We've helped over 15,000 people, been featured on national TV and have a long history of creating successful business strategies for ourselves as well as our clients who are just like you.
  • Zero Cost
Registration is free, attendance is free, if you need a little help you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  • Unique Methods
Every strategy taught and discussed is built from previous experience - you won’t find this content or opportunity anywhere else.

meet your trainers

Adam Stott was Featured on Channel 5's Rich House Poor House twice, was a a judge for SME National Business Awards, and is an invited member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

An Amazon best selling author who has twice appeared on the London Stock Exchange Top 100 Companies to Watch list, Adam has shared the stage with the likes of Floyd Mayweather, John Travolta, Calvin Klein, Anthony Joshua and Randy Zuckerberg and has generated over £50m in sales for clients and himself.

Originally told that he would 'amount to nothing' Adam is a self-made millionaire who is passionate about helping people build the business of their dreams.
Adam is one of the UK's leading business coaches and marketing experts and was an early adopter of social media advertising where he used clever strategies to build a business with more than 120 staff that turned over more than £50m pa.

Adam now heads up Big Business Events - one the UK's fastest growing, multi-million-pound business coaching companies which offers a wide range of mentoring and coaching programs to hundreds of businesses including start-ups and large multi-million-pound organisations, celebrities and BBC The Apprentice winners.

Adam has recently been featured on the Channel 5 program 'Rich House, Poor House' where he pledged his support to single mum of three Kiptieu. Since the show Adam has changed the life and fortunes of of Kiptieu - like with all his clients, following a complete analysis of the business Adam has implemented his own success systems and strategies and this has enabled Kiptieu to move to new premises, launch an e-commerce website and take on new members of staff.

Ross Temple is the Head Coach at Big Business Events

Like many successful people, Ross started his career in a job that wasn't giving him any fulfilment - he had no passion for what he was doing and felt like he was 'just existing' this was his prompt to make a change.

What he did have was many years of experience in a business development and international trade role where he personally contributed to millions of pounds worth of product.

Through his own determination to make something more of himself, Ross was able to break free of the 'survival mindset' that he sees many business owners and senior management find themselves stuck in.

Ross is a strong advocate of 'the more you learn, the more you earn' and since joining Big Business Events, following mentorship from Adam Stott, now focuses on strategies of high performance output, wealth creation techniques and advanced business development models and has gone on to make a name for himself in the business coaching world, creating his own methodologies that are easily transferable and can be implemented in a wide range of industries.

His own early career experiences now serve as a catalyst to go on to help others who are feeling unfulfilled whilst running their businesses - this is what he sees as a major block to many people reaching their full potential.
Now having worked with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs he trains them on the most effective tools which boost productivity and profitability. Ross has also created millions of pounds worth of sales and coaches hundreds of Big Business Events clients on a monthly basis where he is directly involved in direction of their businesses.

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins is one of the biggest stars on TV and a hugely successful businesswoman.

Unlike most stars who started their career on reality TV, Gemma has transcended the genre and now features and has featured on a wide variety of programs including Piers Morgan's Life Stories and The Jonathan Ross Show and also has her own top-rated Podcast on BBC Sounds.

Outside of her TV work, Gemma's various business interests include a skin care range and her thriving clothing range the Gemma Collins Collection.

This is not the first time Gemma and Adam have worked together! both started their careers in vehicles sales for BMW.

  • 2.2m Instagram Followers
  • 1.2m Twitter Followers
  • Founded a Successful Clothing Business
  • Multiple Big Name Brand Endorsements
  • ​Top Rated Podcast on BBC Sounds
  • TV Credits Including The Only Way Is Essex, Celebrity Big Brother, Celebs Go Dating, Piers Morgan's Life Stories and Gemma Collins: Diva
  • Numerous Animal Rights Campaigns With PETA
  • One Of The Most Well-known TV Stars In The UK

business owners who have attended our training

Daniel Krokos - Oakridge Garden Centre
250k business award
Diane Simpson - Yellowtop country park
7 figure business award
rachel hammond - luxury lash UK
250k business award
kamran saleem - motorserv UK
2.5m business award
james bolingbroke - brand it essex
250k business award
yusuf abubakar - bosun care ltd
2.5m business award
Chris and joe - HC media
250k business award
dan salmon - never a wasted journey
7 figure business award

we have lots more...

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  • How to Increase LEADS Fast - Starting up? Starting over? Already doing well and want more? In a step by step guide Adam will reveal how you generate more leads on demand so you can start to grow your business faster #1
  • How to Nurture Social Media Leads Into Clients ​- It's time for you to start using the techniques companies who have mastered social are using, the problem is most business owners don't know how, here we will cover re targeting in detail and how you can continue talking to your clients a long time after your first touch point with them
  • What Channel You Need to Use For Your Business - full run down of every channel and what you need to know about each of them and WHY the strategy you're using right now isn't the right one for you 
  • The One Thing You Need to Be Doing That 99% Of Businesses Are NOT - There is a front end and back end of social media, the biggest problem and the problem we will solve at this event is most people do not know what is available to them, we will be showing you what you are missing out on  
  • How to Create Consistent & Predictable Results From Social Media - How to stop the up and down yo-yo effect of social media and be able to predict how many leads and sales you can get from social media on a daily basis 
  • Build Your Social Media Following - How to Go From No Followers to Power Brand 
  • How to Build Your Company Brand Fast 
  • How to Build A Personal Brand That Makes You The Logical Choice To Do Business With 
  • Why Your Business Page Is Not Getting The Engagement You Want & How to Fix It 
  • How to Start FAST, Unknown to Unmissable 
  • How to Leave Your Competition In The Dust 
  • How to Monitor Your Competitors Activity Properly 
  • Develop A Strategy That Doesn't Leave You Stuck For Content 
  • How to Set Up For Success 
  • How to Set Up For Scale 
  • Discover The Automation Secrets The World's Best Marketers Use  
  • How Even If You Are A Social Media Novice You Can Use These Tools to Grow Your Business 
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